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Collection: All-Natural Healing Salves and Syrups

Are you looking for an all-natural product for self-care? Try our all-natural healing salves and syrups. They are perfect for those occasional minor boo-boos and colds. We have our Triple Elderberry Syrup, which is a tasty blend of elderberries, honey, and medicinal tea. Elderberries have historically been used to help fight off colds and flu by interrupting the replication cycle of viruses. Our natural healing salves are made with organic ingredients that can help treat many minor injuries, whether it be the occasional boo-boo, blister, minor burn, or scrape. Shop our collection of all-natural healing salves and syrups now, and we will ship your order to you. If you are local, shop online and select our local delivery or pick-up option. Feel your best and get back to optimal health with our all-natural healing salves and syrups!

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  • Healing Salve
    This amazing herbal healing salve is fantastic for minor cuts, scraps, burns & blisters.  This blend of Comfry infused oil, Calendula infused oil, Arnica infused oil, St. John's Wort infused oil, Cottonwood bud infused oil, 100% natural beeswax, and Lavender essential oil is fantastic to keep on hand for those everyday boo boos.
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